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Need help processing a significant life change? Interested in forming healthier relationships? Or maybe you could use a hand coping with anxiety, depression, or another mental health concern. Individual therapy is helpful for all of the above and more. Improving your quality of life is easier when someone is there to assist you along the way. We are excited to join you on your journey toward greater mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Read more about therapy here.


Group therapy can be beneficial for many of the same reasons as individual therapy. Group therapy involves one or more therapists and two or more people in therapy. The group dynamic gives an added supportive component as each individual moves forward together toward increased well-being. Whether you are looking for growth, improving social skills, or another mental health concern, group therapy may be a good option for you.  Some topics that can be addressed in group therapy include anxiety, communication concerns, food and eating concerns, anger management, grief and loss, parenting, abuse, addiction, divorce, and more. I am currently co-leading a group for moms through Project Fox.


In couples therapy, your therapist will work to help you and your partner gain insight into your relationship, resolve conflict, and improve your relationship satisfaction through evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Typically therapy will be focused on a specific problem such as sexual concerns, internet addiction, or jealousy. In couples therapy, the relationship is the client, rather than each individual. Treatment goals and objectives will be determined by the couple, and the therapist will provide solution-focused, change-oriented interventions to help the couple achieve greater satisfaction in their relationship.


Family Therapy

Some of life’s greatest joys can come from being in a healthy and stable family environment. However, not all families can maintain stability at all times. Family therapy may be beneficial if your family is struggling to find work-life balance, there are financial stressors, there is a family crisis, or one or more member is having mental health concerns. You may also consider family therapy if your family is navigating challenges around children with disabilities, behavioral issues, or if your children are in a difficult stage of life. Our therapists will work to equip your family with the tools it needs to navigate your current hardships.

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