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Are you experiencing a difficult season of life? Feeling disconnected or isolated?  Wondering how to get your life back on track?  Our therapist is equipped to help you work toward the life you want.  Whether you are trying to improve your relationships, grieving, working through trauma, or simply unsatisfied with your life, Rachel is here to help you navigate difficult times and find greater peace and joy in your daily life.  Find out more about therapy.

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Our Therapist

Rachel Henningsen, MS, EdS, LPC, CYT, WFR has masters-level training in clinical mental health counseling. She is dedicated to the helping profession and ready to step into your world to help you find the best path to healing and growth. Click below for more information about Rachel.


Improving your quality of life is easier when someone is there to assist you along the way. We are excited to join you on your journey toward greater mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.


Group therapy involves one or more therapists and two or more people in therapy. The group dynamic gives an added supportive component as each individual moves forward together.


We can help you and your partner gain insight into your relationship, resolve conflict, and improve your relationship satisfaction through evidence-based therapeutic interventions.

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